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About Us

JVISIONS, Inc. was formed to guide, educate, and supply software solutions that would tackle technology gaps and challenges that organizations face. We use our gifts and expertise to create solutions and move companies technologically-forward in the right direction. 

Our organization partners with leading companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Tech Soup to foster pathways to success for need-based organizations by offering the latest insights, technology capabilities and web services, such as website design, automation, security, software installation, and graphic data visualization.

Technology is accelerating at a faster rate more than ever. In fact, the technology market will grow about 70% in the near future. It’s very important that places of worship, corporations, and other organizations keep up with the pace and move alongside with technology. Our mission is to empower, impact, and maintain a technology architecture that solely meets the need of the community.

Services that Impact


Graphical Visualization Tool

An automated graphic tool that monitor websites data on a scale. It displays the results visually for further analysis.

Website Design

A church website that engages users in the community to spread the Word of God. This includes domain set up, inner connecting streaming platforms for virtual worship, and more.

Management Access Portal

Administrative portal that manages user access control, captures user activity, and assign direct responsibilities.


We partner with technology companies to deliver quality software. Our process works by gathering requirements and using these platforms to create solutions. With software, trainings, and digital tools offered, we provide comprehensive solutions that fulfills this technical gap. We work alongside in every step because every need is our priority.



We schedule a time to discuss the context, goals, time frame, or anything about the project. We create a space for you to examine, explore, create, and visualize what needs to be done. Then after, we iron out all the details to make sure we’re on the same page and to eliminate any gaps.


We gather all the requirements, dependencies, and features that are needed to begin the project. This helps eliminate any barriers and saves time. We provide daily engagement for updates.


We get to work right away and to make sure you’re always in the loop, we provide frequent status updates because we believe in keeping our promises.  We operate in a continuous integration cycle to make sure that your projects are delivered in high quality.


Now it’s time to celebrate. We package and deliver the services to you that not only meets your objectives but also leverages efficiency.  To ensure satisfaction, we’re determined to give you a decisive advantage.



of US companies consider their operational tech as advanced

(verified source: Advance2000)


of sectors will need to increase their budget to keep up with software

(verified source: ZiffDavis)


projected growth rate for needed software by 2028

(verified source: BuiltIn)

If we invest in the lives of others then we will reap the Harvest